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García-Pérez, E. (author), Serra-Crespo, P. (author), Hamad, S. (author), Kapteijn, F. (author), Gascon, J. (author)
Simulation of gas adsorption in flexible porous materials is still limited by the slow progress in the development of flexible force fields. Moreover, the high computational cost of such flexible force fields may be a drawback even when they are fully developed. In this work, molecular simulations of gas adsorption and diffusion of carbon...
journal article 2014
Rodenas, T. (author), Van Dalen, M. (author), Garcia-Perez, E. (author), Serra-Crespo, P. (author), Zornoza, B. (author), Kapteijn, F. (author), Gascon, J. (author)
Mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) composed of metal organic framework (MOF) fi llers embedded in a polymeric matrix represent a promising alternative for CO 2 removal from natural gas and biogas. Here, MMMs based on NH 2 -MIL-53(Al) MOF and polyimide are successfully synthesized with MOF loadings up to 25 wt% and different thicknesses. At 308 K and ...
journal article 2013