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Høyland, Knut V. (author), Nord, Torodd Skjerve (author), Turner, Joshua (author), Hornnes, Vegard (author), Gedikli, Ersegun Deniz (author), Bjerkås, Morten (author), Hendrikse, H. (author), Hammer, T.C. (author), Ziemer, Gesa (author)
In the FATICE project we have addressed the fatigue damage on fixed offshore structures exposed to drifting ice. This is an important challenge in the development of energy production from offshore wind in the Baltic and involves at least five element: a) define ice statistics, b) predict the structural response (ice-structure interaction...
conference paper 2021
Gedikli, Ersegun Deniz (author), Nord, Torodd Skjerve (author), Hendrikse, H. (author), Ziemer, Gesa (author)
Pressures at the ice-structure interface during model-scale ice-structure interaction are often measured with tactile sensors. Resulting datasets usually include large volume of data along with some measurement error and noise; therefore, it is inherently hard to extract the hidden fluctuating pressures in the system. Identifying the...
journal article 2019