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Gerrits, Thomas (author)
This research introduces the Prodrive-Select Rectifier, a novel three-phase buck-type power factor correction rectifier suitable for mains interfaced AC-to-DC conversion as, for example, can be found in on-board battery chargers for electric vehicles. The Prodrive-Select Rectifier shows excellent mains current total harmonic distortion,...
master thesis 2019
van der Werk, Bas (author), Koolman, George (author), Gerrits, Thomas (author)
This document is the bachelor graduation thesis of BAP Group B2. Together with BAP Group<br/>B1 the objective of this project was to create a control network and DC/DC converter implementation<br/>capable of fast, analog power management with active, remote-control and -interfacing of<br/>multiple converter’s energy flows. The system will be...
bachelor thesis 2017