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Rivandi, H. (author), Ghosh, Ishaan (author), Lopes Marta da Costa, T.M. (author)
New non-imaging ultrasound applications, such as ultrasound stimulation and ultrasonic power transfer, need sub-millimeter volumetric spatial resolution, electronically control of the focal spot location, high ultrasound intensity, and a tiny form factor. Satisfying these requirements demands a high-frequency phased array ultrasound transducer....
conference paper 2022
Ghosh, Ishaan (author)
Ultrasound stimulation is slowly emerging as an effective treatment to alleviate multiple mental illnesses. The advantage of ultrasound stimulation stems from the ability to stimulate regions that are spatially far off from the stimulating device without sacrificing spatial resolution. This directly implies the ability to devise minimally...
master thesis 2021