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Wardhana, Gandhika K (author), Serdijn, W.A. (author), Vollebregt, S. (author), Giagka, V. (author), Vollebregt, Sten (author)
Neural interface in the form of microelectrodes are used to monitor and treat spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders by the means of recording and stimulation. Despite of the apparent result of these electrical interventions, understanding of the mechanism behind neural stimulation is still inadequate. The use of optical monitoring...
abstract 2019
Martins da Ponte, R. (author), Giagka, V. (author), Serdijn, W.A. (author)
abstract 2017
Giagka, V. (author), Demosthenous, A. (author), Donaldson, N. (author)
Epidural spinal cord electrical stimulation (ESCS) has been used as a means to facilitate locomotor recovery in spinal cord injured humans. Electrode arrays, instead of conventional pairs of electrodes, are necessary to investigate the effect of ESCS at different sites. These usually require a large number of implanted wires, which could lead to...
journal article 2015