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Gijón, A. (author)
Aquatic vegetation attenuates local currents, dampens wave energy and promotes sedimentation. Its function as shoreline defence has gained strong interest in the recent years, since it may offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions to coastal protection problems. Predictions of wave dissipation by macrophytes require understanding of the...
master thesis 2016
Gijon, A. (author), Kala, Y. (author), Monteban, D. (author), Sasikumar, A. (author), Songy, G. (author)
Voorne-Putten is an island located in the delta region of the Netherlands. The island is surrounded by a dike ring which consists of dikes, dunes, and hydraulic structures. The flood risk in Voorne-Putten was assessed to be unacceptable according to the measure of local individual risk. The maximum allowable local individual risk in the...
student report 2015