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Sarafraz, A. (author), Givois, A.P.P. (author), Roslon, I.E. (author), Liu, Hanqing (author), Brahmi, Hatem (author), Verbiest, G.J. (author), Steeneken, P.G. (author), Alijani, F. (author)
The resonance frequency of ultra-thin layered nanomaterials changes nonlinearly with the tension induced by the pressure from the surrounding gas. Although the dynamics of pressurized nanomaterial membranes have been extensively explored, recent experimental observations show significant deviations from analytical predictions. Here, we...
journal article 2023
Chandrashekar, A. (author), Givois, A.P.P. (author), Belardinelli, P. (author), Penning, Casper L. (author), Aragon, A.M. (author), Staufer, U. (author), Alijani, F. (author)
Quantifying the nanomechanical properties of soft-matter using multi-frequency atomic force microscopy (AFM) is crucial for studying the performance of polymers, ultra-thin coatings, and biological systems. Such characterization processes often make use of cantilever's spectral components to discern nanomechanical properties within a multi...
journal article 2022