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Hashemi, L. (author), Boon, M.M. (author), Glerum, Wuis (author), Farajzadeh, R. (author), Hajibeygi, H. (author)
Characterizing the wettability of hydrogen (H<sub>2</sub>)–methane (CH<sub>4</sub>) mixtures in subsurface reservoirs is the first step towards understanding containment and transport properties for underground hydrogen storage (UHS). In this study, we investigate the static contact angles of H<sub>2</sub>–CH<sub>4</sub> mixtures, in contact...
journal article 2022
Glerum, Wuis (author)
Hydrogen storage in porous media is a potential solution to the energy distribution problems we might face in the future. Intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind energy need to be accompanied with temporary energy storage to accomodate the times when production and demand do not match. Hydrogen is an energy carrier with a large mass...
master thesis 2021
Hashemi, L. (author), Glerum, Wuis (author), Farajzadeh, R. (author), Hajibeygi, H. (author)
Subsurface porous formations provide large capacities for underground hydrogen storage (UHS). Successful utilization of these porous reservoirs for UHS depends on accurate quantification of the hydrogen transport characteristics at continuum (macro) scale, specially in contact with other reservoir fluids. Relative-permeability and capillary...
journal article 2021