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Echeverri, Edwan Anderson Ariza (author), Nishikawa, A.S. (author), Masoumi, Mohammad (author), Pereira, Henrique Boschetti (author), Marulanda, Nelson Granda (author), Rossy, Andrés Márquez (author), Goldenstein, Hélio (author), Tschiptschin, André Paulo (author)
A novel combined process of Cold Stamping (CS) and Hot Stamping (HS) with Quenching and Partitioning (Q&P) treatment applied to advanced TRIP-assisted steel has been conducted by thermomechanical simulation to evaluate the influence of CS or HS in the Q&P processing. With this purpose, Q&P, CSQ&P, and HSQ&P cycles were...
journal article 2022
Nishikawa, A.S. (author), Santofimia, Maria Jesus (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Goldenstein, Hélio (author)
In the present study the microstructural evolution and kinetics of carbon redistribution during the partitioning step of the Quenching and Partitioning process are investigated by means of a modeling approach that simultaneously considers the martensite-austenite carbon partitioning and the decomposition of austenite into bainitic ferrite....
journal article 2018