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Groenewegen, Maurits (author)
The Bollen van de Ooster, in this report referred to as the Ooster, is a sand bar in the outer delta of the Grevelingen. The Ooster is separated from the coast by a relatively deep channel, called the Schaar. Closure of the Grevelingen in 1971, with the construction of the Brouwersdam, initiated vast changes in morphology. Damming of the estuary...
master thesis 2019
Dijkstra, Fokke (author), Jordans, Luuk (author), Groenewegen, Maurits (author), Steijlen, Florentine (author), Mekel, Charlotte (author)
Terminos Lagoon is the biggest and ecologically most important fluvial-lagoon system of the southern Gulf of Mexico. Rivers, sea and meteorology all influence the lagoon, variable over the year, resulting in a complex situation. To protect this area, it is crucial to know how different hydrological processes, hydrodynamic processes and spatial...
student report 2018