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Guo, Zhongyuan (author), Guendel, Ronny (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Fioranelli, F. (author)
Radar-based Human Activity Recognition(HAR) is considered by using snapshots of point clouds. Such point cloudsinterpret 2D images generated by an mm-wave FMCW MIMO radar enriched byincluding Doppler and temporal information. We use the similarity between suchradar data representation and the core of the self-attention concept inartificial...
conference paper 2023
Guo, Zhongyuan (author)
Today, with increasingly aging population, healthcare systems in many countries need to improve their effectiveness, and the automatic HAR technology can be beneficial. This can provide early diagnosis of changes in behavioral patterns in the home environment, without hospitalization, and detect critical events such as falls in a timely manner....
master thesis 2022