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Poelma, C. (author), Gurung, A. (author)
Ultrasound Imaging Velocimetry (UIV, also known as 'echo-PIV') has, since its introduction a decade ago, been regarded as a promising tool to characterize non-transparent flows. Prime application examples are particle-laden flows and (in vivo) blood flow. Virtually all studies so far have been validation/comparison studies in laminar flow. In...
conference paper 2016
Gurung, A. (author), Poelma, C. (author)
Ultrasound imaging velocimetry (UIV) has received considerable interest as a tool to measure in non-transparent flows. So far, studies have only reported statistics for steady flows or used a qualitative approach. In this study, we demonstrate that UIV has matured to a level where accurate turbulence statistics can be obtained. The technique...
journal article 2016