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Wandl, Alex (author), Balz, Verena Elisabeth (author), Qu, L. (author), Furlan, C. (author), Arciniegas Lopez, G.A. (author), Hackauf, U.D. (author)
The concept of circular economy (CE) is high on the agenda of many planning agencies in European countries. It has also become a prominent issue in European academic education institutions. It is expected that spatial planning and design can support and add the spatial quality dimension of such a transition towards CE. However, incorporating the...
journal article 2019
Hackauf, U.D. (author)
Over the last centuries, the global food system has managed to provide a growing global population with more and better food. Yet, the system is criticised for its negative effects, like increasing food miles, monocultures, a lack of transparency and poor animal welfare. The recent trend to farm more food in an around cities (urban and peri...
journal article 2015