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Petrovskyy, Dmytro (author), Geiger, S. (author), Jacquemyn, Carl (author), Jackson, Matthew D (author), Hampson, Gary J (author), Silva, Julio D Machado (author), Judice, Sicilia (author), Rahman, Fazilatur (author), Sousa, Mario Costa (author)
abstract 2023
Sahoo, H. (author), Gani, M. Royhan (author), Gani, Nahid D. (author), Hampson, Gary J. (author), Howell, John A. (author), Storms, J.E.A. (author), Martinius, A.W. (author), Buckley, Simon J. (author)
Despite the importance of channel avulsion in constructing fluvial stratigraphy, it is unclear how contrasting avulsion processes are reflected in stratigraphic-stacking patterns of channelized fluvial sand bodies, as a proxy for how river depocenters shifted in time and space. Using an integrated, geospatially referenced, three-dimensional...
journal article 2020