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Haring, Frank (author)
For over a decade the use of bio inspired adhesives have been explored to achieve high reversable attachment on a wide range of surfaces. Based on the fibrillar adhesive toepads of geckos, many patterned adhesives have been produced that are able to form and preserve contact with rigid and smooth substrates. But on other types of surfaces, such...
master thesis 2020
van Assenbergh, S.P. (author), Haring, Frank (author), Dijksman, Joshua A. (author), Dodou, D. (author)
Reversible attachment on soft substrates is useful in a range of applications, including soft robotics and soft-tissue surgical instrumentation. On rigid substrates, the use of micropatterned adhesives has been extensively explored. It has been shown that surface micropatterns provide conformability, thereby enabling the formation and...
journal article 2020