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Mustafa, S. (author), Harrass, Othman (author), Lukovic, M. (author)
The number of hybrid concrete structures is increasing due to the need for repairing/strengthening existing structures and the development of new hybrid concrete systems. The structural response of these hybrid structures might be governed by the strength of the interface between the two concretes, making it essential to characterize the...
conference paper 2023
Cabboi, A. (author), Harrass, Othman (author), Sánchez Gómez, S. (author), Lukovic, M. (author)
The focus of this study is to characterize delamination using static and dynamic tests and to assess the interface failure mechanism of an innovative hybrid concrete beam, made out of conventional concrete and a special class of fibre reinforced material, known as Strain Hardening Cementitious Composite (SHCC). Three SHCC beams were subject to...
journal article 2021
Harrass, Othman (author)
Strain Hardening Cementitious Composite (SHCC) is a new type of concrete that is able to control the crack-width in concrete structures. The application of this material in the tension zone of hybrid concrete structures is thus of interest in practice. The interfacial behavior for these hybrid structures is something that is of importance for...
master thesis 2020