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Harrison, Joe (author), Virgolin, Marco (author), Alderliesten, T. (author), Bosman, P.A.N. (author)
The aim of Symbolic Regression (SR) is to discover interpretable expressions that accurately describe data. The accuracy of an expression depends on both its structure and coefficients. To keep the structure simple enough to be interpretable, effective coefficient optimisation becomes key. Gradient-based optimisation is clearly effective at...
conference paper 2023
Harrison, Joe (author), Dikken, Olivier (author), van Peer, Dennis (author)
FeedbackFruits is a company that provides tools for educators to organize their courses. The company is currently working on aiding teachers in aligning course material and assessment. Aligning the two provides students with clear expectations and can lead to an increase in learning [1]. Aligning course material and assessment is usually done by...
bachelor thesis 2017