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Hartman, C. (author), Heule, M.J.H. (author), Kwekkeboom, K. (author), Noels, A. (author)
Conway's Game of Life has inspired enthusiasts to search for a wide range of patterns for this classic cellular automaton. One important challenge in this context is finding the smallest Garden of Eden (GoE), a state without a predecessor. We take up this challenge by applying two techniques. First, we focus on GoEs that contain a symmetry. This...
journal article 2013
Hartman, C. (author)
Model-based testing is a technique to automatically generate test cases and oracles in order to test an implementation. A typical behavrial model used for model-based testing is a Labeled Transition System9LTS). However cre-ating the LTS models needed for testing is a complex task, and especially when data is involved the number of states and...
master thesis 2013