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Hartman, Toine (author)
Pattern matching is the act of checking if a value is in the set of values described by a pattern. Many programming languages provide constructs to pattern match on program values. Pattern matching constructs appear in different variants. Stratego, a term rewriting language, features first-class pattern matching, which attempts to match a...
master thesis 2022
Smits, J. (author), Hartman, Toine (author), Cockx, J.G.H. (author)
Pattern matching is a high-level notation for programs to analyse the shape of data, and can be optimised to efficient low-level instructions. The Stratego language uses <i>first-class pattern matching</i>, a powerful form of pattern matching that traditional optimisation techniques do not apply to directly.<br/>In this paper, we investigate how...
conference paper 2022
Boleij, Lex (author), Hartman, Toine (author), Jorden, Marciano (author), Chen, Weilun (author)
Being a company with over 1500 employees, a lot of data is available about people and their day-to-day pursuits, including projects they are working on. Company X has requested to gain more insight into this data, as it is currently scattered over multiple systems. Specifically, they requested to gain insight into which projects have been...
bachelor thesis 2019