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Hau, B.S. (author)
Recently a new kind of accelerometer was developed. The accelerometer uses the pull-in time to measure the accelerations. However most of the applied measurement techniques for this kind of accelerometers had shown some drawbacks in the working process. So in this dissertation a new measurement method is introduced based on piezoresistivity to...
master thesis 2011
Rajaraman, V. (author), Hau, B.S. (author), Rocha, L.A. (author), French, P.J. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author)
This work reports on the design and modeling of a new flexible contact-mode 1-DOF piezoresistive contact force and impacttime detector used for acceleration sensing in the time domain. The key advantages of the contact-mode detection mechanism are the use of simple readout circuitry, compactness, good linearity, scalability, and the potential to...
journal article 2010