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Myers, N.J. (author), Heath, Robert W. (author)
Phased arrays, commonly used in IEEE 802.11ad and 5G radios, are capable of focusing radio frequency signals in a specific direction or a spatial region. Beamforming achieves such directional or spatial concentration of signals and enables phased array-based radios to achieve high data rates. Designing beams for millimeter wave and terahertz...
journal article 2022
Patel, Kartik (author), Myers, N.J. (author), Heath, Robert W. (author)
Eavesdropping attacks are a severe threat to millimeter-wave (mmWave) networks that use low-resolution phased arrays. Although directional beamforming in mmWave phased arrays provides natural defense against eavesdropping, the use of low-resolution phase shifters induces energy leakage into unintended directions. This energy leakage can be...
conference paper 2022
Kumari, Preeti (author), Myers, N.J. (author), Heath, Robert W. (author)
Millimeter-wave (mmWave) joint communication-radar (JCR) will enable high data rate communication and high-resolution radar sensing for applications such as autonomous driving. Prior JCR systems that are based on the mmWave communications hardware, however, suffer from a limited angular field-of-view and low estimation accuracy for radars due...
journal article 2021