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Vonk, Sander J.W. (author), Heemskerk, Bart A.J. (author), Keitel, Robert C. (author), Hinterding, Stijn O.M. (author), Geuchies, J.J. (author), Houtepen, A.J. (author), Rabouw, Freddy T. (author)
Broadening of multiexciton emission from colloidal quantum dots (QDs) at room temperature is important for their use in high-power applications, but an in-depth characterization has not been possible until now. We present and apply a novel spectroscopic method to quantify the biexciton line width and biexciton binding energy of single CdSe...
journal article 2021
Heemskerk, Bart (author)
Learning to program is not a easy task, as has become evident from the abundance of research papers concerning the subject. One of the learning barriers of learning a new programming language is understanding their error message, as coding errors have to be resolved before the programmer can run the code or add new functionality to the program....
master thesis 2020