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Hizli, Beyza (author)
Lack of physical activity is one of the main risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases. Although most people are aware of the risks of this poor health behavior, they have a hard time improving this behavior. Goal-setting is an effective step in the process of changing behavior. It can motivate a person and help them to remain...
master thesis 2022
Borhem, Maria (author), Hizli, Beyza (author), Jimmink, Emma (author), van Steijn, Zoƫ (author)
bunq is an internationally active digital bank. At the moment, the bunq app is only available in English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish. Their goal is to be a worldwide player. To be able to fulfil this goal, their app should be available in multiple languages. In the past, the translation process took an unnecessary large amount of time....
bachelor thesis 2018