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Van der Meer, J.W. (author), Hoffmans, G. (author), Van der Hoven, A. (author)
Within the framework of WTI, Research and Development of Flood Defence Assessment Tools (Wettelijk Toetsinstrumentarium), which is called in Dutch: WTI-2017 "Onderzoek en ontwikkeling landelijk toetsinstrumentarium", research was carried out to develop an erosion model for grass in the wave run-up zone consistent with the current model in use...
report 2014
Verheij, H.J. (author), Hoffmans, G. (author), Hardeman, B. (author), Paulissen, M. (author)
Destructive wave overtopping tests have been performed at more than 20 dike sections in the Netherlands using the Wave Overtopping Simulator to simulate the overtopping waves. The tests show the combined behaviour of turf and substrate up to mean wave overtopping discharges of 75 ?/s per m, meaning wave volumes up to 5,500 ?/m with flow...
conference paper 2012
Steendam, G.J. (author), Hoffmans, G. (author), Bakker, J. (author), Van der Meer, J.W. (author), Frissel, J. (author), Paulissen, M. (author), Verheij, H.J. (author)
Overview of overtopping with focus on river dikes. Realtin with sod density.
report 2012