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Yu, W. (author), Hong, V.W. (author), Ferreira, Carlos (author), van Kuik, G.A.M. (author)
The Blade Element Momentum model, which is based on the actuator disc theory, is still the model most used for the design of open rotors. Although derived from steady cases with a fully developed wake, this approach is also applied to unsteady cases, with additional engineering corrections. This work aims to study the impact of an unsteady...
journal article 2017
Yu, W. (author), Hong, V.W. (author), Simao Ferreira, C.J. (author), van Kuik, G.A.M. (author)
The state of the art engineering dynamic in ow models of Pitt-Peters, ¬ye and ECN have been used to correct Blade Element Momentum theory for unsteady load prediction of a wind turbine for two decades. However, their accuracy is unknown. This paper is to benchmark the performance of these engineering models by experimental and numerical methods....
journal article 2016