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Houtman, Marco (author)
Established research that is done on finding similarities between two finite automata, or finite state machines, is based on matching symbols that are shared between the two automata. In our research, we define a scenario in which the shared alphabet is either partially or completely obscured due to translations. We emulate a scenario where 2...
master thesis 2022
van Driel, Ronald (author), van der Hout, Justin (author), van der Wel, Marissa (author), Houtman, Marco (author)
As of this moment there is a lack of data about rainfall in cities. To collect such data, IBM has started the Sense Umbrella Connection and Desensitisation project. For this project an umbrella was equipped with a piezoelectric sensor and a Bluetooth device to record the rain that falls on the surface of this umbrella. One downside of this...
bachelor thesis 2017