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Jin, Yucheng (author), Htun, Nyi Nyi (author), Tintarev, N. (author), Verbert, Katrien (author)
Music preferences are likely to depend on contextual characteristics such as location and activity. However, most recommender systems do not allow users to adapt recommendations to their current context. We therefore built ContextPlay, a context-aware music recommender that enables user control for both contextual characteristics and music...
conference paper 2019
Jin, Yucheng (author), Tintarev, N. (author), Htun, Nyi Nyi (author), Verbert, Katrien (author)
Music recommender systems typically offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach with the same user controls and visualizations for all users. However, the effectiveness of interactive interfaces for music recommender systems is likely to be affected by individual differences. In this paper, we first conduct a comprehensive literature review of...
journal article 2019