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Wang, Chuan (author), Sun, Renjuan (author), Hu, Xinlei (author), Guan, Yanhua (author), Yang, Yingzi (author), Lu, Wei (author), Tian, Jun (author), Zhang, Hongzhi (author), Ge, Zhi (author), Šavija, B. (author)
This paper presents a research on the chloride penetration behavior of engineered cementitious composites (ECC) under sustained flexural loads. Three load levels, i.e. 30 %, 60 % and 75 % of the ultimate flexural load were used. Chloride diffusion depth and concentration profile were measured 30, 60 and 150 days after the specimen was exposed...
journal article 2023
Sun, Renjuan (author), Lu, Wei (author), Tawfek, Abdullah M. (author), Guan, Yanhua (author), Hu, Xinlei (author), Zhang, Hongzhi (author), Ling, Yifeng (author), Šavija, B. (author)
The resistance of cracked ECC against chloride ingress is mainly governed by the accumulated crack width of all the cracks rather than the maximum width of multiple cracks. However, most studies focus on the influence of a single fine crack
journal article 2022