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Li, Wenhuai (author), Li, Mengran (author), Guo, Y. (author), Hu, Zhiwei (author), Zhou, Chuan (author), Brand, Helen E.A. (author), Peterson, Vanessa K. (author), Pao, Chih Wen (author), Chen, Chien Te (author)
Oxygen-ion conducting perovskite oxides are important functional materials for solid oxide fuel cells and oxygen-permeable membranes operating at high temperatures (>500 °C). Co-doped perovskites have recently shown their potential to boost oxygen-related kinetics, but challenges remain in understanding the underlying mechanisms. This...
journal article 2023
Wu, Xinhao (author), Guo, Y. (author), Gu, Yuxing (author), Xie, Fenghua (author), Li, Mengran (author), Hu, Zhiwei (author), Lin, Hong Ji (author), Pao, Chih Wen (author), Huang, Yu Cheng (author)
Electrochemical carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>) reduction (ECR) is a promising technology to produce valuable fuels and feedstocks from CO<sub>2</sub>. Despite large efforts to develop ECR catalysts, the investigation of the catalytic performance and electrochemical behavior of complex metal oxides, especially perovskite oxides, is rarely...
journal article 2022