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Huang, Xinxing (author), Li, Yifan (author), Tian, Zhan (author), Ye, Qinghua (author), Ke, Q. (author), Fan, Dongli (author), Mao, Ganquan (author), Chen, Aifang (author), Liu, Junguo (author)
Efficient and accurate streamflow predictions are important for urban water management. Data-driven models, especially neural network (NN) models can predict streamflow fast, while the results are uncertain in some complex river systems. Physically based models can reveal the underlying physics, but it is relatively slow and computationally...
journal article 2021
Ke, Q. (author), Tian, X. (author), Bricker, J.D. (author), Tian, Zhan (author), Guan, Guanghua (author), Cai, Huayang (author), Huang, Xinxing (author), Yang, Honglong (author), Liu, Junguo (author)
Urban pluvial flooding is a threatening natural hazard in urban areas all over the world, especially in recent years given its increasing frequency of occurrence. In order to prevent flood occurrence and mitigate the subsequent aftermath, urban water managers aim to predict precipitation characteristics, including peak intensity, arrival time...
journal article 2020