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Huang, Yu-Chih (author), Abbink, D.A. (author), Peternel, L. (author)
In tele-impedance the human can control the impedance of the remote robot through various interfaces, in addition to controlling the motion. While this can improve the performance of the remote robot in unpredictable and unstructured environments, it can add more workload to the human operator compared to the classic teleoperation. This paper...
conference paper 2021
Huang, Yu-Chih (author)
Teleoperation of a robot is often necessary when the remote site is not safe for humans. Moreover, to interact with dynamic environments safely, a teleoperation method called teleimpedance, which allows the human operator to control the impedance of the robot, is used. The main drawback of this method is that the human workload may increase....
master thesis 2020