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Pesch, U. (author), Huijts, N.M.A. (author), Bombaerts, Gunter (author), Doorn, N. (author), Hunka, Agnieszka (author)
This paper makes a conceptual inquiry into the notion of ‘publics’, and forwards an understanding of this notion that allows more responsible forms of decision-making with regards to technologies that have localized impacts, such as wind parks, hydrogen stations or flood barriers. The outcome of this inquiry is that the acceptability of a...
journal article 2020
Selck, Henriette (author), Adamsen, Peter B. (author), Backhaus, Thomas (author), Banga, Gary T. (author), Bruce, Peter K.H. (author), Burton, G. Allen (author), Butts, Michael J. (author), Boegh, Eva (author), Clague, John J. (author), Dinh, Khuong V, (author), Doorn, N. (author), Gunnarsson, Jonas S. (author), Hauggaard-Nielsen, Henrik (author), Hazlerigg, Charles (author), Hunka, agnieszka (author), Jensen, John (author), Lin, Yan (author), Loureiro, Susana (author), Miraglia, Simona (author), Munns, Wayne (author), Nadim, Farrokh (author), Palmqvist, Annemete (author), Rämö, Robert A. (author), Seaby, Lauren (author), syberg, kristian (author), Tangaa, Stine (author), Thit, amalie (author), Windfeld, Ronja (author), Zalewski, Maciej (author), Chapman, Peter M. (author)
Roskilde University (Denmark) hosted a November 2015 workshop, Environmental Risk—Assessing and Managing Multiple Risks in a Changing World. This Focus article presents the consensus recommendations of 30 attendees from 9 countries regarding implementation of a common currency (ecosystem services) for holistic environmental risk assessment and...
journal article 2017