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Chongwattanaroj, A. (author), Chu, J. (author), Hussain, A.M. (author), LU, W. (author), PU, Y. (author)
The Resilient Coastal Landscapes graduation lab explores the potential of a landscape-based regional design approach to contribute to more resilient coastal landscapes around the globe. Such an approach addresses the interaction between the natural and urban landscape throughout the scales of space and time. It takes the landscape as the basis...
report 2022
Hussain, A.M. (author), Cattoor, B. (author), Hooimeijer, F.L. (author)
Rapid urbanization and increasing globalization of urban development strategies are resulting in a lack of connection between people and places, and places and their context. Nevertheless, cultural embedding and sense of place have a direct impact on the quality of public space. The purpose of this research is to explore culture and context...
abstract 2021