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Ibrahim, Aya (author)
In today’s society, the need for alternate high-speed data transmission solutions has increased due to the radio frequency (RF) spectrum’s growing congestion. Visible Light Communication (VLC)-based LiFi has emerged as a possible alternative to current wireless technologies like WiFi. The difficulty, though, is that the photodiode performance as...
master thesis 2023
Zhou, Y. (author), Ibrahim, Aya (author), Muttillo, M. (author), Manganiello, P. (author), Ziar, H. (author), Isabella, O. (author)
This paper presents the fundamental study on the relationship between LED light sources and the performance of solar cell as receivers in visible light communication (VLC) links. Here, different colors of LEDs are modulated with a sinusoidal signal, and the bandwidth of the VLC system based on various c-Si PV architectures is characterized at...
conference paper 2023