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Turcios Rodriguez, E.R. (author), Verstegen, S. (author), Noroozian, A. (author), Inoue, Daisuke (author), Kasama, Takahiro (author), van Eeten, M.J.G. (author), Hernandez Ganan, C. (author)
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are getting involved in remediating Internet of Things (IoT) infections of end users. This endeavor runs into serious usability problems. Given that it is usually unknown what kind of device is infected, they can only provide users with very generic cleanup advice, trying to cover all device types and...
journal article 2021
Çetin, F.O. (author), Hernandez Ganan, C. (author), Altena, E.M. (author), Kasama, Takahiro (author), Inoue, Daisuke (author), Tamiya, Kazuki (author), Tie, Ying (author), Yoshioka, Katsunari (author), van Eeten, M.J.G. (author)
With the rise of IoT botnets, the remediation of infected devices has become a critical task. As over 87% of these devices reside in broadband networks, this task will fall primarily to consumers and the Internet Service Providers. We present the first empirical study of IoT malware cleanup in the wild -- more specifically, of removing Mirai...
conference paper 2019