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Ioannidou Kati, Anna (author), Santarsiero, Manuel (author), de Vries, P.A. (author), Teixeira De Freitas, S. (author), Nijsse, R. (author), Louter, P.C. (author)
Steel-to-glass laminated connections, which have recently been developed, limit stress intensifications on the glass and combine strength and transparency. Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive (TSSA) connections have been used in several projects worldwide; however, the hyperelastic and viscoelastic nature of the material has to date not...
journal article 2018
Ioannidou Kati, Anna (author), Santarsiero, Manuel (author), Louter, P.C. (author)
The connections between glass components are very critical aspects of structural glass design. Laminated steel-to-glass connections have recently been developed that combine high strength and transparency. This work focuses on the Transparent Structural Silicone Adhesive (TSSA), produced by Dow Corning. TSSA is typically used for the realization...
conference paper 2018
Ioannidou Kati, Anna (author)
Transparency and translucency are essential features of modern architecture. Glass products have been widely used in facade applications and recently their use has expanded to the load-bearing structure due their large in-plane compressive strength. However, the fragile nature of glass requires special treatment and attention to detail to avoid...
master thesis 2017