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Dro┼║dziel, Magda (author), Podolak, Piotr (author), Nardi, D. (author), Jakubczak, Patryk (author)
Fibre metal laminates (FML) are hybrid materials perspective for wind-turbine, containers and marine objects, besides the aerospace industry. During the manufacturing process some faults can occur and can be hazardous for the reliability of FML structures. One of the most critical defects are kissing bonding due to their lack of detectability...
journal article 2021
Jakubczak, Patryk (author), Nardi, D. (author), Bienas, Jaroslaw (author), Sinke, J. (author)
The manufacturing of Fibre Metal Laminates, consisting of alternating layers of pre-preg fibre and metal is complex, and defects can be introduced during manufacturing. The automation of the manufacturing steps is vital for future Glare production, and specific defects have to be considered. Among them, gaps between pre-preg plies represent a...
journal article 2019