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Berghuis, B.A. (author), Dulin, D. (author), Xu, Zhi Qiang (author), van Laar, T. (author), Cross, B. (author), Janissen, R. (author), Jergic, Slobodan (author), Dixon, Nicholas E. (author), Depken, S.M. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
The bidirectional replication of a circular chromosome by many bacteria necessitates proper termination to avoid the head-on collision of the opposing replisomes. In Escherichia coli, replisome progression beyond the termination site is prevented by Tus proteins bound to asymmetric Ter sites. Structural evidence indicates that strand...
journal article 2015
Janissen, R. (author), Berghuis, B.A. (author), Dulin, D. (author), Wink, M. (author), Van Laar, T. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author)
Magnetic tweezers are a powerful single-molecule technique that allows real-time quantitative investigation of biomolecular processes under applied force. High pulling forces exceeding tens of picoNewtons may be required, e.g. to probe the force range of proteins that actively transcribe or package the genome. Frequently, however, the...
journal article 2014