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Britton, Sander (author), Nootenboom, Eva (author), Janssen, Martijn (author)
Quantum sensing technology has emerged as a promising field with superior sensitivity and accuracy in magnetic field sensing compared to conventional technologies. This breakthrough offers significant prospects in the biomedical sector, particularly in the realm of medical imaging. <br/><br/>This project focuses on the implementation of quantum...
bachelor thesis 2023
Janssen, Martijn (author)
Thread pools, integrated in programming languages, packages and dependencies are widely used by developers. Thread pools assume they are running alone on the system, which is not always the case. Previous research has shown that adapting thread pool size has been effective under specific conditions. In this research, scaling the thread pool with...
master thesis 2022
Janssen, Martijn (author), van Nes, Nordin (author), Oomens, Thomas (author)
This report describes the process, motivation and design choices made during the Bachelor End Project in collaboration with DutchSec. The project consists of implementing Lua-scripting into Honeytrap, which is programmed in Go. The following chapters will discuss which design choices were made, how the research was performed and how the final...
bachelor thesis 2018