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Jaspers, J.E.N. (author)
Performing complex tasks in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is demanding due to a disturbed hand-eye co-ordination, the application of non-ergonomic instruments with limited number of degrees of freedom (DOFs) and the two-dimensional (2D) view controlled by the surgical assistance. Robotic camera holders and tele-manipulatory systems enhance...
doctoral thesis 2006
Jaspers, J.E.N. (author), Den Boer, K.T. (author), Sjoerdsma, W. (author), Bruijn, M. (author), Grimbergen, C.A. (author)
Background and Purpose: During minimally invasive procedures, an assistant controls the camera and often a laparoscopic grasper. Ideally, the surgeon should be able to manipulate the instruments because the indirect way of control complicates the surgeon's observation and actions and disturbs eye-hand coordination. Reported replacements for the...
journal article 2000