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Jenkins, Kirsten E.H. (author), Sovacool, Benjamin K. (author), Mouter, N. (author), Hacking, Nick (author), Burns, Mary Kate (author), McCauley, Darren (author)
The energy justice literature has seen a rapid surge in both academic and practical popularity. However, there has been less systematic reflection on the research conducted so far, its scope or contribution, nor what it might mean for the future of the concept. To provide insights, this paper presents the results of a systematic and...
review 2021
Jenkins, Kirsten E.H. (author), Taebi, B. (author)
This paper investigates the viability of Energy Justice as a framework to assist the governance of multinational risk. Positioned between local and universal scales, it advocates for the approach of multinational energy justice as a means of considering justice manifestations either between neighboring countries, or between geographically...
journal article 2019