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Liao, B. B. (author), Wang, D. L. (author), Hamdi, M. (author), Zheng, J. Y. (author), Jiang, P. (author), Gu, C. H. (author), Hong, W. R. (author)
This paper aims to characterize the damage mechanisms of 70 MPa Type IV hydrogen composite pressure vessels using the acoustic emission (AE) method. First, AE signals were captured during the 0–105 MPa and 0–158 MPa hydraulic tests of two vessels using multi-step loading method. Second, the AE feature parameters in time-domain and frequency...
journal article 2019
Bonneau, D. (author), Lobino, M. (author), Jiang, P. (author), Natarajan, C.M. (author), Tanner, M.G. (author), Hadfield, R.H. (author), Dorenbos, S.N. (author), Zwiller, V. (author), Thompson, M.G. (author), O'Brien, J.L. (author)
We demonstrate fast polarization and path control of photons at 1550 nm in lithium niobate waveguide devices using the electro-optic effect. We show heralded single photon state engineering, quantum interference, fast state preparation of two entangled photons, and feedback control of quantum interference. These results point the way to a single...
journal article 2012