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Godoy Hernandez, A. (author), Asseri, Amer H. (author), Purugganan, Aiden J. (author), Jiko, Chimari (author), de Ram, C. (author), Lill, Holger (author), Pabst, Martin (author), Mitsuoka, Kaoru (author), Gerle, Christoph (author), Bald, Dirk (author), McMillan, D.G.G. (author)
Functional reintegration into lipid environments represents a major challenge for in vitro investigation of integral membrane proteins (IMPs). Here, we report a new approach, termed LMNG Auto-insertion Reintegration (LAiR), for reintegration of IMPs into lipid bilayers within minutes. The resulting proteoliposomes displayed an unprecedented...
journal article 2023
Urbani, Andrea (author), Giorgio, Valentina (author), Carrer, Andrea (author), Franchin, Cinzia (author), Arrigoni, Giorgio (author), Jiko, Chimari (author), Abe, Kazuhiro (author), Bogers, J.F.M. (author), McMillan, D.G.G. (author)
The molecular identity of the mitochondrial megachannel (MMC)/permeability transition pore (PTP), a key effector of cell death, remains controversial. By combining highly purified, fully active bovine F-ATP synthase with preformed liposomes we show that Ca2+ dissipates the H+ gradient generated by ATP hydrolysis. After incorporation of the...
journal article 2019