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van der Cruijsen, J. (author), Jonker, Z.D. (author), Andrinopoulou, Eleni Rosalina (author), Wijngaarden, Jessica E. (author), Tangkau, Ditte A. (author), Tulen, Joke H.M. (author), Frens, Maarten A. (author), Ribbers, G.M. (author), Selles, R.W. (author)
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over the contralateral primary motor cortex of the target muscle (conventional tDCS) has been described to enhance corticospinal excitability, as measured with transcranial magnetic stimulation. Recently, tDCS targeting the brain regions functionally connected to the contralateral primary motor...
journal article 2022
van der Cruijsen, J. (author), Manoochehri, M. (author), Jonker, Z.D. (author), Andrinopoulou, Eleni Rosalina (author), Frens, Maarten A. (author), Ribbers, G.M. (author), Schouten, A.C. (author), Selles, R.W. (author)
Neurophysiologic correlates of motor learning that can be monitored during neurorehabilitation interventions can facilitate the development of more effective learning methods. Previous studies have focused on the role of the beta band (14–30 Hz) because of its clear response during motor activity. However, it is difficult to discriminate...
journal article 2021
Arntz, Anne I. (author), Van Der Putte, Daphne A.M. (author), Jonker, Z.D. (author), Hauwert, Christopher M. (author), Frens, Maarten A. (author), Forbes, P.A. (author)
Vestibular signals, which encode head movement in space as well as orientation relative to gravity, contribute to the ongoing muscle activity required to stand. The strength of this vestibular contribution changes with the presence and quality of sensory cues of balance. Here we investigate whether the vestibular drive for standing balance...
journal article 2019