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Picek, S. (author), Heuser, Annelie (author), Jovic, Alan (author), Batina, Lejla (author)
Profiled side-channel attacks consist of several steps one needs to take. An important, but sometimes ignored, step is a selection of the points of interest (features) within side-channel measurement traces. A large majority of the related works start the analyses with an assumption that the features are preselected. Contrary to this...
journal article 2019
Picek, S. (author), Heuser, Annelie (author), Jovic, Alan (author), Bhasin, Shivam (author), Regazzoni, Francesco (author)
We concentrate on machine learning techniques used for profiled side-channel analysis in the presence of imbalanced data. Such scenarios are realistic and often occurring, for instance in the Hamming weight or Hamming distance leakage models. In order to deal with the imbalanced data, we use various balancing techniques and we show that most of...
journal article 2018