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Cavalcante Siebert, L. (author), Liscio, E. (author), Murukannaiah, P.K. (author), Kaptein, Lionel (author), Spruit, Shannon (author), van den Hoven, M.J. (author), Jonker, C.M. (author)
We propose methods for an AI agent to estimate the value preferences of individuals in a hybrid participatory system, considering a setting where participants make choices and provide textual motivations for those choices. We focus on situations where there is a conflict between participants' choices and motivations, and operationalize the...
conference paper 2022
Kaptein, Lionel (author)
Many grand challenges like climate change or health security cannot be solved by only the policymakers. Support and expertise of citizens is needed to solve these challenges (Gerton & Mitchell, 2019). Due to the demand for public participation, Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE) fulfils the needs of involving many participants in a...
master thesis 2020