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Neggers, R.A.J. (author), Ackerman, Andrew S. (author), Angevine, W. M. (author), Bazile, Eric (author), Beau, I. (author), Blossey, P. N. (author), Boutle, I. A. (author), de Bruijn, C. (author), cheng, A (author), van der Dussen, J.J. (author), Fletcher, J. (author), Dal Gesso, S. (author), Jam, A. (author), Kawai, H (author), Cheedela, S. K. (author), Larson, V. E. (author), Lefebvre, Marie Pierre (author), Lock, A. P. (author), Meyer, N. R. (author), de Roode, S.R. (author), de Rooy, WC (author), Sandu, I (author), Xiao, H (author), Xu, K. M. (author)
Results are presented of the GASS/EUCLIPSE single-column model intercomparison study on the subtropical marine low-level cloud transition. A central goal is to establish the performance of state-of-the-art boundary-layer schemes for weather and climate models for this cloud regime, using large-eddy simulations of the same scenes as a...
journal article 2017
Zhang, M. (author), Bretherton, C.S. (author), Blossey, P.N. (author), Austin, P.H. (author), Bacmeister, J.T. (author), Bony, S. (author), Brient, F. (author), Cheedela, S.K. (author), Cheng, A. (author), Del Genio, A.D. (author), De Roode, S.R. (author), Endo, S. (author), Franklin, C.N. (author), Golaz, J.C. (author), Hannay, C. (author), Heus, T. (author), Isotta, F.A. (author), Dufresne, J.L. (author), Kang, I.S. (author), Kawai, H. (author), Köhler, M. (author), Larson, V.E. (author), Liu, Y. (author), Lock, A.P. (author), Lohmann, U. (author), Khairoutdinov, M.F. (author), Molod, A.M. (author), Neggers, R.A.J. (author), Rasch, P. (author), Sandu, I. (author), Senkbeil, R. (author), Siebesma, A.P. (author), Siegenthaler-Le Drian, C. (author), Stevens, B. (author), Suarez, M.J. (author), Xu, K.M. (author), Von Salzen, K. (author), Webb, M.J. (author), Wolf, A. (author), Zhao, M. (author)
CGILS—the CFMIP-GASS Intercomparison of Large Eddy Models (LESs) and single column models (SCMs)—investigates the mechanisms of cloud feedback in SCMs and LESs under idealized climate change perturbation. This paper describes the CGILS results from 15 SCMs and 8 LES models. Three cloud regimes over the subtropical oceans are studied: shallow...
journal article 2013
Jonkman, S.N. (author), Yasuda, T. (author), Tsimopoulou, V. (author), Kawai, H. (author), Kato, F. (author)
The earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 led to death and destruction in coastal areas in Japan. A seminar was held in June 2012 for Japanese and Dutch coastal researchers to discuss lessons for the management of the risks in coastal areas associated with tsunamis, typhoons and storm surges. The seminar has highlighted important practical and...
conference paper 2012