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Kayhan, O.S. (author)
Spatial localization in time is vital for humans. Therefore we desire that computer vision algorithms are also able to spatially and temporally localize objects and actions. These algorithms generally learn from given data and discover patterns, parts, motions, and their locations by exploiting inductive biases that are essential for learning....
doctoral thesis 2022
Strafforello, O. (author), Rajasekart, Vanathi (author), Kayhan, O.S. (author), Inel, O. (author), van Gemert, J.C. (author)
The localization quality of automatic object detectors is typically evaluated by the Intersection over Union (IoU) score. In this work, we show that humans have a different view on localization quality. To evaluate this, we conduct a survey with more than 70 participants. Results show that for localization errors with the exact same IoU score,...
conference paper 2022