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Krinis, S.L.L. (author), Chadwell, Alix (author), Kenney, Laurence (author), Smit, G. (author)
Introduction<br/><br/>The Delft Self-Grasping Hand (SGH) is an adjustable passive hand prosthesis that relies on wrist flexion to adjust the aperture of its grasp. The mechanism requires engagement of the contralateral hand meaning that hand is not available for other tasks. A commercialised version of this prosthesis, known as the mHand Adapt,...
journal article 2024
O’Brien, Lisa (author), Montesano, Elena (author), Chadwell, Alix (author), Kenney, Laurence (author), Smit, G. (author)
(1) Background: This study investigated the feasibility of conducting a two-week “real-world” trial of the Self Grasping Hand (SGH), a novel 3D printed passive adjustable prosthesis for hand absence; (2) Methods: Single-group pilot study of nine adults with trans-radial limb absence; five used body-powered split-hooks, and four had passive...
journal article 2022
Chadwell, Alix (author), Chinn, Natalie (author), Kenney, Laurence (author), Karthaus, Zoë J. (author), Mos, Daniek (author), Smit, G. (author)
The Delft Self-Grasping Hand is an adjustable passive prosthesis operated using the concept of tenodesis (where opening and closing of the hand is mechanically linked to the flexion and extension of the wrist). As a purely mechanical device that does not require harnessing, the Self-Grasping Hand offers a promising alternative to current...
journal article 2021