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Keshani, M. (author), Gousios, G. (author), Proksch, S. (author)
Call Graphs are a rich data source and form the foundation for advanced static analyses that can, for example, detect security vulnerabilities or dead code. This information is invaluable when it is immediately available, such as in the output of a build system. Call Graph generation is a whole-program analysis: not just the application, but...
journal article 2024
Keshani, M. (author), Vos, Simcha (author), Proksch, S. (author)
Software reuse is a common practice in modern software engineering to save time and energy while accelerating software delivery. Dependency managers like MAVEN offer a large ecosystem of reusable libraries that build the backbone of software reuse. Breaking changes, i.e., when an update to a library introduces incompatible changes that break...
journal article 2023
Mir, S.A.M. (author), Keshani, M. (author), Proksch, S. (author)
Reusing software libraries is a pillar of modern software engineering. In 2022, the average Java application depends on 40 third-party libraries. Relying on such libraries exposes a project to potential vulnerabilities and may put an application and its users at risk. Unfortunately, research on software ecosystems has shown that the number of...
conference paper 2023